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On-Site Management

The property management office is located in Suite 215 of the CalEdison and is open from 8am–5pm for your convenience.


Whether you need a recommendation for lunch, help with placing a catering order, or need to rent a venue, the property management team will assist you in any way we can.

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5x5 Telecom

The CalEdison features a campus-wide fiber backbone by 5x5 Telecom allowing new and existing tenants to subscribe to ultra high speed internet in less than 24 hours! TheCalEdison features 5x5’s “work anywhere” Connected Square Footage, enabling tenants to work across the property’s amenities, on their own private wi-fi and office network, at the same speed and security as their office. Through 5x5 Telecom, The CalEdison features the fastest free public wi-fi in the world.

More information about 5x5 telecom's internet & phone service

213.465.4036 | [email protected] |

24/7 On-Site Security

The building features 24/7 security to assist with your safety needs. Please call 213.488.0111 if you need assistance or an escort. In case of an emergency, please call 911. Security should be notified once 911 is called so that they can assist when the police or fire department arrive.

Secure Parking Garage

The CalEdison features a secure parking garage, operated by Parking Company of America. It can be accessed on 5th St. right after passing Grand St.


HOURS 6AM–9PM  |  RATES $30 / DAY,  $270 / MO

The CalEdison has also teamed up with 

Luxe valet

Onsite Restaurants
Dog Friendly

The CalEdison is a dog friendly environment. All dogs must be registered with the property management office.